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Online Radiation Licence courses and exams

Extraoral Radiation Licence course (CPD 10.5 hrs) and CBCT Radiation Licence course (CPD 11.5 hrs)

Radiation Licencing courses and examinations are to assist in the preparation to apply for Radiation Licensing - Dental Cone Beam CT User Licensing in Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, ACT, Queensland, NT, WA and SA. The Extraoral Radiation Licence course is approved by Radiation Licencing in Vic. Radiation User licences are issued by your local State or Territory. Each authority may have additional restrictions and requirements so please check first before undertaking the course(s). Note that the DEN 4 certificate or Extraoral course certificate are not a licence to use a x-ray /CBCT machine. Licences MUST be issued by your State Radiation Licencing authority before you can commence usage of the CBCT / OPG machine. In Vic and NSW, Dental assistants with Cert IV Radiography can apply for both Extraoral Radiation User licences and CBCT User Licences. Other States are more restrictive. Please check whether you are eligible for a CBCT User Licence and/or Extraoral Radiation Licence directly with your State/Territory Radiation Licence authority.

NEW Masterclass Series in Dental Radiology

AVAILABLE NOW: CPD points 12 hour

Based on the successful one day course - How to Structure a Dental Radiology Report - this series of Masterclasses is presented as modules taking you through the systematic steps of how to view OPG and CBCT images; and how to develop diagnostic sieves to make learned deductions from your observations. A series of individual modules will then refresh and update your knowledge over a range of imaging topics. The 2 modules included with the series to date cover the paranasal sinuses in dental imaging, and radiopaque lesions of the jaws. Future topics will be uploaded. The final Masterclass session draws together the presented materials to develop guides on structuring radiology reports. A wide range of clinical cases and examples of the wording of reports are presented.


  • What CBCT course should I do?

    The Radiation Licence course is focused on safe and appropriate use of your CBCT machine. It covers radiation physics, biological effects of radiation, dosimetry, how a CBCT machine works, artifacts, a brief overview of anatomy. It also covers factors in deciding the appropriate use of CBCT across a range of clinical scenarios. Many dentists who do not own a CBCT machine have done this course and they report that they benefited greatly from this clear and precise series of lectures. The Masterclass series is an intensive clinically and diagnostically focused course, covering how to systemically interrogate OPG and CBCT scans to maximise diagnostic yield. It presents a stepwise approach to utilising a radiological diagnostic sieve to distinguish benign from more sinister pathoses. It then ties together all the information to structure radiology reports. Many clinical cases are used to illustrate the lesions covered.

  • I am a dental hygienist/OHT - Can I do the Masterclass series?

    Yes - the Masterclass series is suitable for dental practitioners who have been educated in diagnosis. It will enhance your diagnostic skills. However, the course is not specifically designed to increase scope of practice. The Masterclass series is not suitable for Dental Assistants (Cert IV radiology).

  • Can my Dental Assistant do the Radiation Licencing courses?

    Firstly, whether a DA can operate a CBCT machine or OPG/Lat ceph machine varies greatly in each State/Territory so please check this with your local Radiation Licencing body. In those States (Vic and NSW) where Dental Assistants can operate OPG/lat ceph and CBCT machines, they must have completed the Cert IV training in Dental Radiology.

  • How long after registering for the course do I have access to the materials?

    The online Radiation Licencing course materials are accessible for 100 days. Access to the Masterclass series of lectures is set at 150 days. Access can be extended at no additional cost by request.

  • Are discounts available?

    The course fees have already been reduced by one third, in light of COVID 19. If you need to do both the Extraoral Radiation Licence course and the CBCT Radiation Licence course, please contact me (use CONTACT US link below) and I can set up a discount for the combined package.

  • Are refunds available?

    No - once you have registered and accessed the materials, no refunds can be issued.

  • Where do I find my tax invoice?

    Your tax invoice will be found at the END of the email sent to you upon your enrollment into a course.