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Payment and Refund Policy:

Payment for the courses provided under this website is by credit card, using a secure SSL portal (Stripe).

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex

Payment is at the time of registration for a course. Course fees are inclusive of 10% GST.

No refunds are payable once registered.

A receipt for payment will be issued.

CBCT and OPG courses provides the following:

Access to learning materials for CPD and to assist with applications for Radiation Use Licences.

The DEN 4 certificate or extraoral Licence certificate is not a licence to use a CBCT or OPG/Cephalogram machine. Licences MUST be issued by your State Radiation Licencing authority before you can commence usage of the dental radiology machine.  Each State and Territory may impose additional requirements. Please check whether you are eligible for a CBCT User licence directly with your State/Territory Radiation Licence authority.

Professional Responsibility and Limitations.

Registration in the courses is to add to your knowledge and clinical skills in dental radiology. Completion of the courses does not substutite formal accredited University education and may not increase your scope of practice or to your competency to report on radiology images. Training to be a dentomaxillofacial radiologist is a three year clinical doctoral degree.